How do I test for eidetic memory?

Answer Some people can recall names, places and events in tremendous detail and make excellent eyewitnesses. Others cannot remember breakfast this morning and marvel at the wonderful memory of their count... Read More »

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How do I test memory in XP?

The memory of a computer helps it process vital information, such as program processes and operating system processes. A great program for testing RAM (random access memory) in XP is called Prime 9... Read More »

How to Test DDR Memory?

DDR memory stands for Double Data Rate memory. This essentially means that two bits of data transfer per cycle, twice as fast as previous versions of random access memory (RAM). Computers require a... Read More »

How do I test memory for errors?

The Random Access Memory (RAM) in a computer can be the cause of many seemingly unconnected problems in your daily computing. Low-quality or damaged RAM can plague you with a slow system, indeciphe... Read More »

How to Test Motherboard Memory?

Random Access Memory (RAM) provides a temporary storage place for data before it gets written to disk. RAM also provides a place for the computer to store application information for quick retrieva... Read More »