How do I test for conductivity?

Answer Electrical conductivity is the ability for an item to conduct electricity. Things that conduct electricity are called conductors; those that don't are called insulators. Metals are what people usu... Read More »

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Thermal Conductivity Test Methods?

Thermal conductivity is the property of a material that expresses its capacity to transfer heat. It is defined as the heat quantity transferred through a unit length of a conductor of unit cross-se... Read More »

Factors of Conductivity?

Conductivity is the measurement in which electricity passes through a material such as metal or water. The flow of electrons in an electrical current can be enhanced or inhibited by various factors... Read More »

Conductivity Vs. Temperature?

Conductivity is a property of all physical materials to some extent. It is a measurement of how well a material conducts electricity. As everybody knows, electricity is a kind of power that travels... Read More »

Who invented conductivity?

Electric conductivity is a natural phenomenon and was not invented. British chemist Stephen Gray discovered the flow of electricity in 1729. He transmitted electricity, initially static, to corks h... Read More »