How do I test cosmetics for free?

Answer Ask any woman if she has ever made any cosmetic purchases that she regrets, and the odds are she will open a drawer or hold out a basket full of cosmetics and skin care that is wrong for her and re... Read More »

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How do you test cosmetics for free?

Purchasing cosmetics can be a frustrating experience for some women. While certain formulas and colors may work perfectly for one person, they may be completely wrong for another person. Cosmetics ... Read More »

How to Test the Oil Content of Your Cosmetics?

Oily makeup can be a contributing factor to skin problems such as acne, rashes, and other skin problems. If you're not sure how oily your makeup is, this little test will help you find out.

How to Buy Cruelty Free Cosmetics?

Central to the vegan lifestyle is a refusal to wear, eat or use anything that exploits animals. Cruelty free means animals aren't used to test the products and the products do not contain any anima... Read More »

About Paraben-Free Cosmetics?

A lifestyle free from preservatives is just a click away. Even if you don't know where the nearest health store is in your area, you can search online for a host of Internet-based shops from which ... Read More »