How do I test computer for speed?

Answer When you pay extra money for fast Internet speeds, make sure that you are getting what was promised by your provider. Checking the speed takes just a few moments and can provide you with the peace ... Read More »

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How to Test Computer Speed?

The Windows Experience Index is a utility that is built into computers running the Windows operating system that will tell you the speed of several different aspects of your machine. This one test ... Read More »

How to Test Computer Internet Speed?

To make sure your Internet is running properly, you should complete a speed test to see what speed your Internet is running at. If your Internet is underperforming compared to the speed you pay for... Read More »

How to Test Your Computer's Speed for Free?

If you want to know how fast your computer is in terms of how quick it downloads and uploads data, there are plenty of sites that perform basic tests for free. When you are testing your computer's ... Read More »

How do I test a computer for high speed internet?

High-speed Internet access--at speeds faster than 56k--is key for more efficient web surfing and running many websites. Anything faster than 56k may be considered high-speed Internet access, but di... Read More »