How do I test a laptop for kids?

Answer Computers are a part of everyday life. Kids start learning to use them before they even go to school, and the toy stores are full of laptops designed for children. These computers come with a wide-... Read More »

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How do I test a fan in a laptop?

Sensory Fan CheckPlace your ear next to the fan vent of your laptop/desktop. If you hear a fan spinning, it is working. If you do not hear a fan, it is malfunctioning.Software Fan CheckDownload and... Read More »

How do I test a laptop charger?

Plug your laptop into the charger and your charger into a wall outlet. Test the outlet with a lamp or appliance to make sure the outlet is working correctly. If the charger is working, your laptop'... Read More »

How to Test a Laptop Cooling Fan?

Laptop fans are an important aspect of cooling off the internal workings of your computer. They suck heat off the motherboard and processor, and blow hot air away from them--much like a radiator fa... Read More »

Fun Personality Test for Kids?

The True Colors Personality Test theory dates back to Hippocrates' assertion that there are four distinct patterns of human behavior. There are several versions available of the True Colors Persona... Read More »