How do I test a house for mold?

Answer Unexplained health problems in a home can be caused by the growth of mold. In moist climates or after flooding, it's important to test a house for mold growth. Home air testing kits are unreliable,... Read More »

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How Can I Test My House for Airborne Mold?

Mold is a tiny organism that helps break down organic material. Its microscopic spores travel freely through the air and easily grow in a home--especially one that has a high level of moisture or r... Read More »

Any Suggestions How to find co. to test for house mold?

I'm not an expert but i di find a site or two that hopefully will help. Good luck.…http://www.allergyconsumerreview.... Read More »

How to Stop House Mold in an Old House?

The best defense against stopping the growth of mold in an old house or a new one is prevention. When mold is present in your home it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. Mold left untreate... Read More »

How do I test for mold?

Testing for mold in your home can range from simple to complex procedures. The most inexpensive way to test for mold is to educate yourself about warning signs and use your eyes and nose to assess ... Read More »