How do I tell when snapper fillets are cooked?

Answer Sight testLook at the outside of the fillet. If it is opaque, it likely is cooked all the way through. The fish should have a dull white or light pink color.Fork testPoke the thickest part of the f... Read More »

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How do I cook snapper fillets?

Boiled SnapperRemove the bones from the snapper fillets. Boil water in pan large enough to fit the snapper fillets. Add a half teaspoon of salt. Turn the water to medium heat. Wrap the snapper fill... Read More »

Best way to tell if Microwave breaded fish fillets are cooked enough?

*Nothing will 'brown' in a microwave. Unless you have a special dish. Fish is cooked when it turns white. You have to cut a piece open to find out.

Is scarlet snapper the same as red snapper?

The scarlet and the red snappers are two different species of snapper. The scarlet snapper, or lutjanis sanguineus, is found throughout Indonesia and Thailand. The red snapper, or lutjanis campecha... Read More »

Why can some meat be cooked medium rare but others have to be fully cooked?

[don't let the negative ratings deter you because people don't understand food, and where it comes, or how it is treated. everybody thinks food just comes from the supermarket in plastic. if you r... Read More »