How do I tell the specs between the different DSLR lenses?

Answer These sites should help:……You might consider buying this book also: "David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digi... Read More »

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How to Use M42 Lenses with a Canon EOS DSLR?

An EOS D30, fitted with a 50mm Pentacon f/1.8 lens from the late 70s.As an alternative to expensive lenses, many people have fitted M42 (commonly called "Pentax screw thread") lenses to their Canon... Read More »

What lenses will fit in an Olympus PEN dSLR?

Hi JD,It would be helpful to know what camera model you have found, I recommend you avoid the E-P1 because you cannot attach an eye level electronic viewfinder. You have one piece of misinformatio... Read More »

DSLR Camera's and Lenses?

Since Nikon still uses the same lens mount introduced around 1959, it has much better backwards and forwards lens compatibility than Canon. Canon changed to the EF lens mount around 1988 when they ... Read More »

Do DSLR cam. support changeable lenses?

Yes, DSLR cameras do support interchangeable lenses.Yes, each company has its own proprietary lens mount.No, you cannot use any lens on any DSLR.Sometimes you can find an adapter to mount some lens... Read More »