How do I tell the difference between a male calf& a female calf?

Answer Best Time to CheckCheck your calf's sex immediately after they are born. This is the easiest time to check because you are already hands-on with them, cutting their umbilical cord and helping them ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a calf muscle pull&achilles tendon tear?

Calf muscle pulls and Achilles tendon tears are two forms of injury affecting the lower leg. Each injury has its own specific location, causes and accompanying general symptoms.Calf Muscle PullCalf... Read More »

How do I tell the difference between a male& female fox?

GenitaliaCheck the fox's privates if you can get close enough. Male foxes sport a noticeable penis sheath, while female foxes will display enlarged mammaries while raising kits. In most cases, you ... Read More »

How do I tell difference between male& female finches?

ColoringThere are many kinds of finches that exhibit a wide variety of coloring. However, male finches are generally much more colorful than females in order to attract attention for mating. While ... Read More »

How do I tell the difference between male& female cats?

Look Under TailView the location underneath the cat's tail. According to, both male and female cats have two openings underneath the tail. The top opening is the anus while the bottom ... Read More »