How do I tell my students not to use Wikipedia without sounding shrill?

Answer Tell them like you just told us.Don't tell them not to use it. They won't listen.Advise them not to, and tell them why.Treat them like adults, and you might be surprised at the response.

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How can I convince my students not to use Wikipedia?

Eight textbooks in one semester? Wow! No wonder students think professors are in cahoots with the bookstore.Anyway, to answer your question, you have to talk to your students as if they were adults... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia off-limits to students?

It's not off-limits to students, but teachers are so tired of reading crap from Wikipedia in their students' work that they give points down or even failing grades for its use.I too feel that Wikip... Read More »

Why do most college students use Wikipedia when doing research?

Reading the paper in your question reminded me strongly of another paper I read which was related to Wikipedia.In "Toward an Epistemology of Wikipedia" (< >), Don... Read More »

Is it ethical to get students and colleagues to edit my Wikipedia page?

Have you tried vandalising your article yourself? By doing so you very cleverly sidestep the ethical issues of getting students and colleagues to edit it for you and thus the whole thorny question ... Read More »