Is it a law that parents don't have the right to know if their underage child is pregnant and is it a policy that doctor's offices finding an underage pregnancy do not have to tell the parents?

Answer AnswerDoctors will encourage you to tell your parents so the mystery is out in the open and you can best look after your unborn child. There is a lot to being pregnant and a baby is growing inside ... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Parents That You Are Pregnant?

Let's face it- it's a scary thought to tell your parents if you are pregnant. Especially if you have parent's who might not be so supportive. You can still tell them though without giving them (and... Read More »

Can a doctor tell your parents that you are pregnant if you are 14?

Doctors are not aloud to tell anything to anyone that you dont want them to tell. It is confidential!A doctor could be sued for removing a splinter from a 14-year-old's finger without the parent's ... Read More »

How do a 14-year-old and her boyfriend tell their parents that she is pregnant?

Answer You sit down with both parents at the same time. Come to the table with a plan in your mind, if you have one. Such as, how is this baby going to be taken care of, who will take the baby to ... Read More »

How can a 17-year-old raised in a Christian home tell her parents that she is pregnant?

Answer First of all, you have made a mature decision by deciding to tell them. Do it as soon as possible. Apparently you feel you can go to your parents although you are hesitant in disappointing ... Read More »