How do I tell my parents I'm a vegetarian?

Answer i had 2 do the same thing last year. at dinner they would offer me meat and i would say no, but after a while they started 2 question me. they asked why am i not eating meat, and i just said i don'... Read More »

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What is the best way to tell my parents that I am becoming a vegetarian?

well i spose it depends on whether your parents are still providing your food. If they are then you have to consider how this will affect them - will it cost them more money? will your mum or dad h... Read More »

How to tell my parents I want to be a vegetarian?

You're exactly me. I was thinking of being a vegetarian for the most of last winter, I watched Earthlings (to see how are we ruining animals' lives), a movie Ellen DeGeneres said that made her vega... Read More »

How do I tell my parents I am trying to go vegetarian?

just say i looked at and they kill animals very harshlyso i dont want to eat meat anymore. thats what i did.and anyway there is meat replacements like tofu. good luck! :]

How can i convince my parents that i want to become a vegetarian?

Tell them how you feel about it and how it makes you feel inside when you try to eat meat. Also ask them in a sincere manor why they say no? And if its because they are concerned about your health?... Read More »