How do I tell my doctor what happened?

Answer just tell your doctor the truth, they are trained to not be assholes about things, they have seen it many times before. don't be embarresed masturbation is a normal and healthy. i myself have seen ... Read More »

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How can I tell what happened to my foot?

Well, I would go to a doctor. It sounds like a hairline fracture. If its a hairline fracture, they will usually put a cast on it. I hope everything goes well.

My doctor stitched a wound up 4 days after it happened help?

Keep a close eye on it and talk to your parents about it. They are the best people to advise you about this. Watch it for signs of infection, which include fever, nausea, increasing soreness and ... Read More »

Can a counselor break the confidentiality of his client and tell the law what happened?

No they can not. You need to make sure that your counselor signs a paper for confidentiality. If your counselor breaks it then you can take him or her to court.

Can a doctor or nurse please tell me what I have?