How do I tell male& female chickens apart?

Answer Observe the chickens in the morning to see which ones crow and which ones do not; the chickens that crow are roosters (male), and the ones that do not are hens (female). Roosters typically begin cr... Read More »

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How Do I Tell if Baby Chickens are Male or Female?

Hold the chick's neck between your middle and ring finger, and its legs between your ring and little finger.Squeeze the chick's lower abdomen with your thumb to remove leftover umbilical waste. Thi... Read More »

How to Tell a Male & Female Quail Apart?

The quail is a common game bird that can be found in most parts of the world. Its curved plume on the top of its head is its most defining characteristic and sets the quail apart from other pheasan... Read More »

How do I tell apart male& female plants?

FlowersWait for your plant to flower. Examine the structures inside the blossom of the flower. A female plant will have flowers with ovaries, which will present as a large, swollen body at the bott... Read More »

How can you tell male&female hawks apart?

Hawks, which are identified as birds of prey, are divided into three categories. The birds typically thought of as hawks are in the subfamily Accipitrinae and often are referred to as "true" hawks... Read More »