How do I tell if a tarantula is male or female?

Answer Study the ExuviumThere are literally dozens of myths about how to tell a male tarantula from a female, but almost all of these are wives' tales and inaccurate. However, by studying the exuvium (she... Read More »

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How do I tell if a ferret is a male or a female?

Position the ferret so you can view its underside. Do this by holding it with two hands, one placed at the back of the neck and one behind the hips.Inspect the lower abdomen area of the ferret. The... Read More »

How to Tell if a Cockatiel Is Male or Female?

Female spotted lutino cockatielHi, this page will tell you how to tell if a cockatiel is male or female without a DNA test (that would cost you a fortune!) please feel free to see!

How to Tell if a Silkworm Is Male or Female?

Raising and breeding silkworms is much easier if you can tell whether your insects are male or female. Telling the difference between male and female silkworms while they are in the larval stage ca... Read More »

How can I tell if my seedlings are male or female?

Plants have various combinations of male and female systems based on the species and its biological heritage. It is very difficult to tell whether seedlings will be male or female, because plants o... Read More »