How do I tell if a lilac bush is dead?

Answer Peel back the skin of the trunk of the lilac bush with a knife or scissors. Look for healthy, green tissue. If there is green about 1/2 inch below the bark of the plant, the bush is alive. If it i... Read More »

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How do I tell if a rose bush is dead?

Black or Brown Stem and CanePull the bark from the stem and cane of your rose bush. If it the part underneath the bark appears to be black or brown, your rose bush is probably dead. If it appears t... Read More »

How do I tell a rose bush is dead?

Inspect the rose bush overall, looking for brown areas or branches that have no growth or green leaves. If the entire bush is brown, beige or blackened and branches break off easily, it is likely d... Read More »

How to Move a Lilac Bush?

Moving or transplanting lilac bushes can be difficult and time consuming. If the bush is not transplanted properly, it could die. When picking a new place to put your lilac bush, you should keep in... Read More »

How do i spilt a lilac bush?

PrunePrune all damaged and dead branches in late winter or early spring. Prune up to 1/3 of the old wood at the base of the plant, until the stems are 4 to 6 inches tall. This will stimulate growth... Read More »