How do I tell if Air Jordans are real?

Answer VariantsMany companies based out of China claim to have "variant" versions of Jordans for as low as $15 a pair. These companies are stealing molds and creating color variants of the shoes which nev... Read More »

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Where are the real Jordans manufactured?

Real or authentic Jordan sneakers are also called Air Jordans. They are a product of the Jordan Brand, which is a branch of the Nike Company. As of July 2010, Nike Company manufactures shoes in In... Read More »

The Difference Between Fake Air Jordans & Real Ones?

Fake copies of collectibles and designer clothing are widespread, and Air Jordan sneakers are both. The Michael Jordan line of sneakers may be the best-known athletic shoes in the world, so the cou... Read More »

What website sells cheap real air jordans?

Yeah, stay away from any website selling from China/Tailand etc. all bootlegs/fakes/scams. And keep away from Ebay. Alot of times they wont sell you the exact shoe in the picture. Then it's a fugg... Read More »

What website can you buy cheap jordans,even fake jordans?

If you looking for real jordans, then you can go any major shoe store's website and buy them there. For example, you can go to footlocker, nike, eastbay, sheik websites and they sell them there. If... Read More »