How do I tell female& male zebra danios apart?

Answer Look at each fish's coloring. All zebra danios are yellowish in color with four blue-black stripes that extend from head to tail. However, males are often more brightly colored than females. Their... Read More »

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How to Tell Female & Male Zebra Danios Apart?

Zebra danios are popular aquarium fish, also called zebra fish, originally from India. They can grow to a length of 2.5 inches, and they are a quick-moving, schooling fish that can be kept in most ... Read More »

How do I tell male& female zebrafish apart?

ColoringLook at the colors on the belly of the fish. Males have more obvious gold coloring overall, especially on their belly. Females have a more bluish overall coloring with white on the belly.Bo... Read More »

How to Tell a Male & Female Quail Apart?

The quail is a common game bird that can be found in most parts of the world. Its curved plume on the top of its head is its most defining characteristic and sets the quail apart from other pheasan... Read More »

How do I tell apart male& female plants?

FlowersWait for your plant to flower. Examine the structures inside the blossom of the flower. A female plant will have flowers with ovaries, which will present as a large, swollen body at the bott... Read More »