How do I tell a male from a female crappie?

Answer Mating SeasonThe only time you can visually tell a male crappie apart from a female crappie--without cutting them open--is during mating season. During mating season the females stay their normal c... Read More »

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How do i tell a male toad from a female?

Look at the toad's forearms and thumbs. Compared to females, males' forearms are considerably enlarged (often stout) during the breeding season. Plus, males often have black, keratinized skin patch... Read More »

How do I tell a male crawfish from a female?

The Males Have GonopodsExamine the underside of the crawfish's tail. Mature males have gonopods, which are a pair of enlarged, hardened, modified swimmerets (little legs) located on the tail, just ... Read More »

How Do I Tell Male from Female Turkeys?

Size and HeightLook for the turkey's overall size and stature. Males, or toms as they are also known, are larger and taller and grow long black feathers across the breast. Look at the head. Male he... Read More »

How to Tell a Male Coyote From a Female?

How easy it is to tell a male coyote from a female depends on how close you are to the animal. Coyotes are closely related to domestic dogs, like their cousins some physical and behavioral differen... Read More »