How do I teach preschoolers about nutrition?

Answer Lifelong healthy eating habits are shaped largely by an early exposure to sound nutrition education. The consequences of a lifetime of poor dietary choices can run the gamut from diabetes to high b... Read More »

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Activities on Nutrition & Foods for Preschoolers?

Give preschoolers a mealtime choice between sweet, frosted sugar cookies or a steaming plate of cheesy broccoli with carrots. Chances are the cookie will prevail over the veggies. Although parents ... Read More »

How to Teach Nutrition?

Teaching nutrition means teaching people how to eat foods that are nutritious for the body. Both children and adults can be taught nutrition skills. Nutrition skills are often taught in schools, in... Read More »

How to Teach Nutrition to Kids?

The health of the child is also the concern of the child. Don't consider him/her (the child) as a minor in issues that affect his or her health -- they deserve to know and contribute. Kids are spee... Read More »

How to Teach Elementary Kids on Nutrition?

Cookies, candies and fast food meals are staples in some children's diets. These children may have never learned what healthy food looks like or why proper nutrition is important. As an educator, y... Read More »