How do I teach myself to play the violin?

Answer People who want to learn to play the violin but do not want to invest in private lessons can teach themselves to play the instrument. It is helpful if the student already knows how to read music, b... Read More »

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How to Play the Violin?

Violin is one of the most rewarding and beautiful instruments to play when mastered. However, the road to learning the violin is a long one, and you must be sure that you are ready for the discipli... Read More »

How to Play "Ode to Joy" on Violin?

The famous song "Ode to Joy" is written by Beethoven, and even nowadays, among bands and orchestras, it is really popular. The song is in the key of D, which means that, instead of playing F natura... Read More »

What is used to play the violin?

A bow is used to play the violin. The handle of the bow is called the frog. The other end of the bow weighs much less than the frog so as not to put too much weight on the strings. The violin can a... Read More »

How to Play a Violin As a Beginner?

The violin is a beautiful instrument. It can play many types of music. Classic, rock, jazz, reels. Here are some things needed to play violin.