How do I teach my son to read, at a very young age?

Answer You may want to re-think this goal. Reading to your child daily is very important, and I applaud you for starting early. Keep it up! But teaching him to read fluently by age 4 is a pointless goa... Read More »

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How to Read With Young Children?

This article isn't about reading to or reading at your kids; it's about reading along with them, thus fostering early reading skills. Here are some tips and tricks for having a successful reading s... Read More »

How to Teach Young Kid About Murals?

Murals, or large scale art works, impart important cultural and community values to the viewer. Often painted on public spaces, such as a wall or outside structure of a public building, educators c... Read More »

How to Teach ESL to Young Learners?

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) can sometimes be challenging, and even more so when teaching children. While adults may immediately understand what they have to gain by acquiring a seco... Read More »

How to Teach a Young Class?

Young kids in their first year need fun activities. so down below are some games.