How do I teach a horse to cross water without jumping?

Answer Choose a body of water that minimizes the horse's jump instinct. The water should be more than 4 feet across and several inches deep with a flat or gradual sloping access point about a horse-length... Read More »

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How to Keep a Horse Under Control While Jumping?

Have you ever been jumping your horse and they take off or take large jumps? This article will teach you how to keep them under your control and makes for a cleaner jumping round!

How to Stop a Horse From Jumping a Fence?

When a horse jumps a fence and gets away, it is not only frustrating for you, it is also dangerous for the horse. When horses get loose they can become entangled in things that may hurt them or the... Read More »

What distance must a Personal Water Craft operator be from another boat to leave the water completely while jumping the wake of that boat?

This is an ongoing event. As of May 27, there has been no oil found on Florida's coastline, but they are preparing for the event.

What do you get when you cross a zebra&a horse?

The actual name of the resulting hybrid depends on which species sired the offspring. If the zebra sired the hybrid and the horse gave birth, then the foal is called a zorse, golden zebra, zebra mu... Read More »