How do I talk to someone online through a chat page?

Answer Direct your Internet browser to a chat page. Choose a room to chat in. Most chat pages are divided into rooms dedicated to specific interests. Choose the room that best suits you.Sign into the chat... Read More »

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How can I talk to Apple chat support online?

i was just searching to find the answer to the question but i figured it out. i couldnt find it for a while but i went to the apple store and up in the left corner where it says apple store i searc... Read More »

Yahoo Messenger Chat. I am trying to join an online chat room through yahoo messenger, but keeps saying....?

it happened to me too, so i opend a new account

Can someone hack your pc through yahoo chat?

Saying you will hack someone with their IP address is like saying you can open someone's house door with their address but no key. It is however possible to hack their account if they ask a questio... Read More »

How does one feed all audio such as video games online chat videos music etc solely through ones headphones?

Updating iTunes overwrites all previous versions but music, apps and other data doesn't get changed.