How do I take off the sites that I have searched?

Answer you need to got the internet options and clear the auto complete forms. you can find this in the tools menu above you next to help.

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How can i delet the sites i have searched in google?

Click on the Tools tab.Click on 'Internet Options'.Click the button that says 'Delete Browsing History'.And then choose 'Delete' with Form Data.

How do you delete the things that you have searched on the google bar?

On Firefox click "Tools" Then Click "Clear Private Data" Check all the boxes then click "Clear Private Data Now"Viola!

Will the ones we searched them in Facebook know we have searched them?

Nope you are Safe to Search they can Not Find Out you Searched for them or even Find Out if you viewed there profile or not there are apps that claim that they can tell you but there fake and dont ... Read More »

I take insulin. I know there are several sites on the body that you can inject yourself.?

The inner thigh works well. It's important to switch sites, remember. You could end up with hard masses if you inject in the same spot all of the time.The back of the arm works well too. Pretty ... Read More »