How do I take good LandScape Shots with me Nikon D5100?

Answer Once you learn more about photography you'll ignore those silly "Scene Modes" and know how to use your camera in Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority or Manual.Begin by seriously READING & STUDYIN... Read More »

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Does the nikon L100 take good macro shots?

I just found a link (posted below) that I am confident will answer your question. The link goes to some very impressive macro photos done using the Nikon L100.Hope this helps.Mark

How do you take long exposure shots with a Nikon d3000?

* Tripod* Shoot in low light* Use your light meter to balance the shutter speed and aperture to get the correct exposureIf you spend some time with your user manual, you will discover some amazing ... Read More »

I have been looking at a Nikon d3100 d3200 or a d5100 I can't decide I am hoping to take a photography course although I would quite like a Nikon I am open to other suggestions thanks?

Canon EOS 600D or Nikon D5100, which one I'll take?

David loves to quote stats on censors that come from the lab... and that's fine except things are always different in the real world.I'm a Canon shooter and you're probably going to get different r... Read More »