How do I take care of newly seeded grass?

Answer Evenly distribute loose straw over the seeded area to keep away birds and help retain water. Hammer stakes in each corner of the seeded area. Tightly tie rope from stake to stake, creating a barrie... Read More »

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When should you cut a newly seeded lawn?

A newly seeded lawn should be mowed when the grass reaches a height of 2.5 to 3 inches. Use a sharp mower to ensure a clean cut yard no shorter than 2 inches.References:The Garden Helper: Lawn Care

Should I apply Step 2 to newly seeded lawn?

Scott's own website says to wait at least 30 days after step one before applying.…

How long until you see growth from seeded grass?

Grass seed sprouts appear 5 to 30 days after planting depending on the species of grass. Annual ryegrass shows sprout 5 to 10 days after planting, while Kentucky bluegrass shows sprouts 14 to 30 da... Read More »

New Seeded Lawn Care Tips?

Nothing provides a warm welcome like a new seeded lawn. Success with grass seed relies heavily on seedbed preparation. Without proper seedbed preparation, the seed fails to germinate or produces po... Read More »