How do I take care of my neck pain?

Answer The commonest cause of neck pain is over stressing the neck -- often caused by sitting too long working at a computer or at a desk -- though injuries or medical conditions may also be responsible. ... Read More »

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I can feel pain on my neck bone.wat do i take?

That could be as a result of stress. What u need is good rest nd or probably go for a check-up

Can you take Vicodin for neck and back pain?

Yes you may take Vicodin for neck and back pain. You must assess your pain level between 1 and 10 if it is severe Vicodin is often recommended. I am a nurse and have had 4 major back surgeries and ... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Hurting Neck and Shoulder?

Do you get this ache? It happens on one side of the neck, and on the shoulder and it hurts. You could call it a crook.

I would like some input from our skeptic friends for this article about chiropractic care and neck pain?

I agree with Enzard's letter. Its a poor quality study that suffers from lack of blinding, no effort to control for placebo, relatively small sample size and other design flaws. No definitive con... Read More »