How do I take care of laminated wood floors?

Answer Prevent and Clean SoilingPlace absorbent doormats outside entrances to gather as much outside dirt and grime as possible from shoes before they reach your laminate floor. Mop your laminate floor wi... Read More »

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Will Laminated Wood Floors Work in a Bathroom?

Traditional hardwood floors may add warmth and beauty to a room, but they don't usually work well in wet spaces. Natural wood shrinks and swells in contact with moisture, eventually causing it to w... Read More »

How do I care for wood floors that have wax on them?

Sweep RegularlySweep waxed hardwood floors regularly to remove dirt, sand and grit, which can damage the floor. Place floor mats outside and inside to reduce the amount of dirt tracked inside. Neve... Read More »

How do I care for wood laminate floors?

VacuumVacuum laminate floors with a bare floor attachment. Avoid use of the beater bar attachment, which is made for carpet and may scratch laminate. Use the vacuum's edging tool to access corners,... Read More »

How do I clean and care for pine wood floors?

Use a Dry MopRemove piles of dust and dirt as soon as possible with a dry mop or cloth. Dry wet spills as soon as possible with towels. Hardwood floors do not like water, which can dull the surface... Read More »