How do I take care of an adult horse?

Answer Preparing a HomeTurn out your horse in an enclosure of at least 300 square feet with some sort of shelter from the elements. This shelter can be as simple as a three-sided lean-to or as elaborate a... Read More »

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Does anyone know where to find Pet Sitter Animal Care type insurance for Horse farm animal care?

How to Take Care of an Adult Rottweiler?

If you are looking for a dependable, intelligent and beautiful companion dog, an adult rottweiler is an excellent choice. This ancient dog breed that once accompanied Roman soldiers across Europe h... Read More »

Who pays for adult day care services?

Some insurance policies cover adult day care services and Medicaid covers it in some states. The Department of Veterans Affairs pays for adult day care for some veterans and their spouses. The Adm... Read More »

How do i start an adult care home?

Licensing and CertificationResearch and check the state laws and regulations in regards to starting an adult daycare home. Complete all paperwork and ensure that you have all the needed documents. ... Read More »