How do I take care of a torn nail?

Answer Try using super glue to prevent the nail from cracking/splitting any more. Follow up by applying neosporin or another anti-septic to the wounded area. The problem with damaged tissue in the feet, t... Read More »

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How to Care for Your Dry, Torn Cuticles?

It's a vicious cycle: Your cuticles dry out a little, then snag on something and tear. You pick at your dry cuticles or cut them to even them out, and they grow back unevenly, causing more snagging... Read More »

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see what happens when your tossing Obama supporters under the bus, Some of them can be pretty big and hard to lift. Next time get some help and try not to take on anyone over 250. ( it's hard on th... Read More »

How to Care for Nail Art?

Tired of messing up your nail art the moment you're done? Here's how to keep your nail art perfect while you are waiting for it to dry!