How do I take better indoor pictures with my Nikon D40?

Answer What's wrong with the indoor shots? Too dark? Bad color? Blurry? Out of focus?Are you using flash? The D40 takes decent pictures using the built-in flash. If your trying to use the built-in flash, ... Read More »

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How do you remove blurriness from pictures on nikon 3000 forgot to put on auto focus on lens new nikon owner?

For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.

I sometimes take pictures holding the camera side-ways. How do you get pictures to auto-rotate with the Nikon s4100?

The best advice is to take it to a reputable camera repair shop. It may be a small problem such as sand or dust sticking the lens, but then if you try to fix it yourself you could break the camera ... Read More »

Why is there a grey bar at the bottom of your pictures by nikon coolpix pictures?

You took pictures without the memory card in your nikon d60 how do you get the pictures out?

You can't. It has no hard disk. Your pictures are simply lost.