How do I take asbestos samples?

Answer PrecautionsTurn off any heating and cooling systems to minimize the spread of fibers. Make sure you are the only person in the room when the sample is being taken, and place a plastic sheet on the ... Read More »

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ASBESTOS....should my hubby knock down shed full of asbestos?

DON'T DO IT!!! That would send asbestos buy the load into the air for him to inhale. He should tell his brother to contact a contractor to remove it properly or he could be seriously risking his he... Read More »

What Are Control Samples?

An important facet of scientific experimentation is the isolation of specific variables to determine how their variance affects a well-studied system. To illustrate this fact, think about water. It... Read More »

Where to get samples of perfume?

macy's i know will hand out little bottles if you seem really interested in buying the product they will give you a little bottle to try out my macys has a perfume "little shop" to the side where y... Read More »

Free samples?

go on dove and olay they give free samples..also rimmel london has free samples of lip stick...hope this helps!