How do I take a screenshot?

Answer Find the PRT SCR button on your keyboard, it should be next to Scroll LockOnce you find it, make sure you can see the part you want to screenshot, and hit that button. It won't do anything visible.... Read More »

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How do I take a screenshot in XP?

Take a SnapshotArrange any open windows or visible icons as you want them to look in the screen shot. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard; the button might be labeled "Prt Scr," "Prnt ... Read More »

How to Take a Screenshot in Mac OS X?

If you need to show an expert an error message on your system, create instructions for performing a task, or even contribute to a wikiHow article, a screenshot is the ideal way to show someone exac... Read More »

How to take a screenshot on an lg optimus l9?

the same thing happened to me last night and I couldnt figure it out! But if you have the optimus l9 instead of it being the home and power key like it used too, its the lower volume key and power ... Read More »

How to Take a Screenshot on a Thinkpad?

The Thinkpad laptop computers have keyboards that will perform more functions than just type up documents. One button on the Thinkpad keyboard is labeled "Prt Sc," which is short for "Print Screen.... Read More »