How do I take a picture with my webcam?

Answer You can take a picture with your webcam using this free software called Snap. You can find it at It even has different colors, image manipulations, characters, speech bubbles, ... Read More »

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Picture quality with webcam?

You could try adjusting your contrast , your brightness , saturation etcAll these contribute to the quality of picture too Or it could be that your cam is not of the best quality Good luck

How do I put a live webcam on my hobby web site Does a webcam hook up work on a laptop computer?

If you want to host live webcast, you can use or and embed the player on your site. You can use any web cam and there is no software because everything happens in the browser.... Read More »

I have a camera/webcam but I don't know how to upload the webcam part and my guide doesn't tell me I NEED HELP?

I have found that, on most digital cams, if you hook the usb cable up, you can see the cam as a mass storage device, and be able to see the icons for the videos and pics you've taken.. simply make ... Read More »

Webcam testing - how do I set up the webcam type in my yahoo messenger?

yahoo messanger auto detects the webcam so if it doesnt work you would have to download a driver and i dont guearantee it would work