How do I take Expecta?

Answer Enfamil Expecta Lipid DHA supplement is a supplemental vitamin created by the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company, and is intended for use by pregnant women in conjunction with their prenatal vitamins. E... Read More »

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What time is proper to take my medications I take several. I do not know if I should take them in AM or PM?

I always heard it was best to take medications in the AM unless it something to help you sleep or makes you tired. I forget to take mine though and end up taking them in the PM. This is the informa... Read More »

I take diabetic pills, is it Ok, to take calcim supplements at the same time or should I take at a different?

It's okay to take your diabetic pills with your calcium supplements. There's no prohibition about it. But if you are in doubt, then you could take them at different hours of the day.Good luck to you.

If I take an anti-inflammatory that lasts for 24 hrs is it ok if I take something else if I get a headache?

Take an anti-flammatory suppository and depository it.

Can you take ROTC in your softmore year if you didn't take it as a freshmen class?

i would like to ask the same question...glad there's somebody else out there looking for one!