How do I sync fb,Twitter,blogger,causes ond google+?

Answer Hmm actually your question is not too clear..What do you want to sync? I mean profile, streams or something else..You can make connection between twitter and facebook using the twitter app for face... Read More »

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There are two folder of Google drive.what do they do one with a sync icon ,the other is without a sync icon.?

How to Use Google Sync?

Google offers a free Contacts and Calendar service for its users. Google Sync synchronizes these services with desktops and portable devices. Windows users can use Google Sync to synchronize Google... Read More »

How to Un-Sync Google From an Android?

The Android operating system, developed by Google, is designed to automatically sync with Google's Gmail service. Activation of an Android device requires a Gmail account, which identifies the devi... Read More »

How to Enable Sync in Google Chrome?

Sync in ProgressIt is well known that Google Chrome is the fastest browser ever as it support HTML5 and it was first browser to support HTML5. Now a new thing, Google Chrome had given a functionali... Read More »