How do I support myself and my children while I attend college?

Answer hang in there mommy, you can do it!many MANY womens orgs help with scholarships. local, state and national womens orgs, comittees, groups, foundations, etc. open that phone book and start calling e... Read More »

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Can I attend college while receiving Supplemental Security Income?

People receiving Supplementary Security Income (SSI) can join the Plan for Achieving Self-Support Program (PASS) and set aside money to be used to attend college. Some colleges provide tuition redu... Read More »

Do you think mothers that work full time while their children attend daycare are neglectful/slightly abusive?

If the law were to admit that, then how many parents would be in jail for neglect? they never would admit it bc the people who make the laws send their kids to these baby warehouses. money, money,... Read More »

Does a non custodial parent pay child support while he or she attends college?

Does the non custodial parent have a job, even a part time job? If not, how does the non custodial parent support themself and pay for tuition? Does the custodial parent make a good income? These a... Read More »

If you have joint custody of your children do you have to pay child support while they spend the summer with you in NY?

Answer This is an issue which should have been addressed in the original support agreement.If there is no stipulation as to how support should be administered when the children are with you. You ar... Read More »