How do I sue for defamation of character?

Answer When someone uses the term "defamation of character," most people think of the rich and famous. Over the years, lawsuits involving prestigious figures have danced crossed the headlines for the worl... Read More »

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What does defamation of character mean?

Defamation of character occurs when an individual or group makes false, malicious statements that damage the reputation of another. “Slander” is the legal term for spoken defamation, and “lib... Read More »

What is defamation of character?

DancingWithLawyers defines defamation of character as "written or spoken injury to a person's or organization's reputation." A statement, accusation or opinion that negatively affects an entity's s... Read More »

Can you sue the state for defamation of character?

According to Expert Law, suing for defamation of character is generally false statements, said by one person about another person. A person could not therefore sue the state, but rather the person(... Read More »

How do I sue for defamation of character in Canada?

Defamation of character is a legal concept that refers to statements that damage a person or organization's reputation. It can be divided into two subdivisions--slander and libel. Slander is spoken... Read More »