How do I strip a cable to sell for scrap metal?

Answer Stripping ToolsBuy a stripping tool at your local hardware store if you want to make cable stripping as easy as possible. These tools look like a wrench, except they have many round holes were the ... Read More »

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How to Sell Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal has become more valuable in recent years because countries like China, India and other developing nations are willing to pay record prices for the goods. This article will teach you whe... Read More »

Where can i go in houston to sell my scrap metal?

Scrap steel goes for about $150 per ton. Aluminum, brass, copper are all market price. Extruded aluminum (cans are rolled) is higher as it's pure, meaning no alloys.Unless you have at least a ton o... Read More »

How do I sell extension cords for scrap metal?

Gathering the CordsCollect unused extension cords that are in any condition, as long as the inside wires have not been removed.Recycling Extension CordsCall your local scrap metal recycling compani... Read More »

How do I get scrap metal?

Look up scrap yards in your local phonebook and request prices for obtaining scrap metal.Browse your neighborhood or town for discarded metal items. Any discarded metal item can be considered scrap... Read More »