How do I stop tracking cookies from coming into my computer?


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How do I stop tracking cookies?

Internet ExplorerClick on the Tools menu, and then select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Slide the slider all the way to the top, until the area to the right says "Block All Cookies." Cl... Read More »

How to Get Tracking Cookies & How to Stop Them?

When you surf the Internet, you obviously sign in to a lot of pages. You visit a wide number of websites, without knowing that these collect your information, because of the existence of tracking c... Read More »

How to Stop Adware and Tracking Cookies?

Adware is a type of advertising software that automatically plays or downloads advertisement on your computer after you install a new program. Adware is usually installed on your computer without y... Read More »

How to Find Tracking Cookies on My Computer?

Internet tracking cookies are text files websites leave on your computer to track your browsing history. Small pieces of information are downloaded onto your computer in simple text files whenever ... Read More »