How do I stop this page from coming up?

Answer I think u installed some of the toolbar or some free softwares and u better remove it for god sake !Run a scan with malwarebytes and spybotLinks:-----------------------------------http://www.safer-... Read More »

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How can I stop this from coming?

When you visit a web page this page is memorized in the pc. Is there a way to erase this page from the memory?

Yes its easy! whenever you visit a web page your browser stores a copy of this page in your pc's (cache) or temporary files for later fast visiting. you can remove it from Tools > Internet Options ... Read More »

I constantly have a noise, like a static, coming from my speakers any ideas what causing this oand how to stop?

Could be something shot in your actual speakers. Another option would be if your input device has it's own volume. For example, if you are running an Ipod through your car stereo, if the Ipod vol... Read More »

How to Stop Page Borders from Falling off the Page in MS Word?

It can be really annoying if you have chosen an attractive border to go around your project when you are using Microsoft Word, and when you print the page, half of it is cut off at the bottom. Lear... Read More »