How do I stop the page from 'rippling' when I scroll up & down?

Answer Like the person above me mentioned, it the graphic card driver. Right now your computer is using just general drivers that are not designed specifically for you card and they only perform the bare... Read More »

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Anyone know why the page seems to be overlapping when i scroll down?

you need to clean up you drives and debug , check for viruses,

How to Stop Page Borders from Falling off the Page in MS Word?

It can be really annoying if you have chosen an attractive border to go around your project when you are using Microsoft Word, and when you print the page, half of it is cut off at the bottom. Lear... Read More »

For some reason i can't stop an excel printout to stop doing the 1st page in portrait and the 2n in landsca?

Have you tried going into Page Setup from the File menu and making sure you have the correct settings that you want. There are many settings available there to tailor how Worksheets are to be prin... Read More »

...Rippling sensation and muscle spasms in back?

I don't know if this is what u are looking for but i went to web md website & hope the info in here will help. Hope u feel better soon. ->…