How do I stop the burning from a burn to my fingers?

Answer Keep it in cold water and purchase a product called burn aid or similiar is a topical ointment that takes the pain away.

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How do you make a burn on your skin stop burning?

You must add toothpaste to neutralize the acidity

How do you treat a mild burn mine just wont stop burning.?

Run cold water over the affected body part. Apply a cold pack to the area, this will help stop the burning process. Take ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation and for pain relief. DO NOT apply ... Read More »

How to Keep From Burning the Tips of Your Fingers With Hot Plates?

You can serve your guests piping hot entrees on hot plates without burning your fingers or theirs. Heated plates are used in restaurants and homes to keep food servings hot from the first bite to t... Read More »

What can I do stop stop my leg from scarring after a bad burn from 4 nights ago?

My brother burnt himself badly when he little. He got a prescription for a medicine called Siladine (not sure of the spelling). He has NOT one trace of a scar!!!!!Several people I know have used ... Read More »