How do I stop someone from eating raw bacon?

Answer I completely understand your viewpoint and support your decision to not have meat cooked in your home. I'm not sure that people on here even bother to read the question... it's the boyfriend of you... Read More »

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Why do I like eating bacon rolls?

You are over eating and ingesting a huge amount of fat and should cut the amount you eat drastically, or you will not live to enjoy the occasional one.Chetak

How to Resist Eating a Strip of Bacon?

Bacon is irresistible. That is a well known fact in the scientific community. But there is a way to resist the calling of the bacon. Here is how.

Besides the usual ham sausage & bacon what do u like eating with youre eggs?

Spam and fried eggsChorizo w/ scrambled eggsBiscuits and gravy w/ any kind of eggs

How do you stop our smoke alarms from instantly sounding when cooking bacon?

take the battery out for for us :D