How do I stop razor bumps?

Answer Razor bumps are small red bumps that appear after shaving. Shaving pulls moisture from the skin, which can produce irritation, resulting in itchy skin and the unsightly red bumps. The red bumps act... Read More »

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How to Stop Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are an unfortunate side affect of shaving for many people. They can be unsightly, uncomfortable and even painful. With the right techniques and prevention measures, you can effectively ... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Bumps When Shaving?

Razor bumps are an unfortunate part of life. When you finish shaving, sometimes the hair follicles can become irritated and inflamed. This causes them to swell, which makes your skin look red and b... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Burn Bumps on Armpits?

Shaving your armpits is a matter of personal taste, but if you choose to shave--for fashion, sport or hygiene---you can face special challenges. Your armpits are sensitive and contoured, and recei... Read More »

Body shaving: How to stop razor bumps on the legs?

Well, obviously shaving cream. But, if you're using shaving cream & still getting razor bumps then use either olive oil or hair conditioner. Because it kind of coats it & makes your skin really sof... Read More »