How do I stop prediabetes?

Answer People with prediabetes have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. This occurs when sugar goes not into the cells (to give them energy) but into the blood stream. If left unchecked, the condition ... Read More »

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There's no such thing as prediabetes, right?

ys, there is such a thing. Genetics can play a huge part in diabetes, and they can tell what your levels are in a blood test. Look it up at the Diabetes Foundation. just google it. I used to take c... Read More »

Do I maybe have diabetes or prediabetes?

You need to (1) keep a record of what time you test, and what the test number is. (2) Test when you first wake up before eating or drinking ANYTHING. That's your fasting glucose number and if it'... Read More »

Is prediabetes a real condition to worry about?

Absolutely. You can learn from my mistake... Ignore the pre-diabetic signs and continue your lifestyle and you will become diabetic. Read this and learn all you can before it's too late:For type I ... Read More »

Prediabetes question - diet & exercise or metformin?

I am a diabetic and a diabetic educator, and I would chose diet and exercise everytime. Metformin is safe, but ALL drugs have side effects (like lowering your magnesium in metformins case, and magn... Read More »