How do I stop pornographic pop-ups and websites from being viewed by my children?

Answer Download the TAA Toolbar it worked for me and I had the same problem.

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How do I delete websites I viewed?

Windows Internet Explorer 7 and 8Select the "Start" button at bottom left hand corner of screen to clear websites you have viewed for Windows Internet Explorer 7. Click "Control Panel" and click "N... Read More »

How do i hide websites viewed in the address bar?

Internet ExplorerClose any open Internet Explorer windows. Click Start and type "Regedit" into the search box (without the quotes). From the list of results, open Regedit.exe. Navigate to the regis... Read More »

How to See Previously Viewed Websites After Cleared?

There are two main ways you can clear your previously-viewed websites: by deleting Internet Explorer tabs and windows, or by clearing your Internet site history. Reopening closed tabs and windows i... Read More »

Do websites viewed on the iPhone show up on the bill?

Your iPhone browsing history will not show up on your wireless phone bill. Depending on your carrier, you may see data transmissions being charged on your bill, but the websites will not be reveale... Read More »