How do I stop myself?

Answer When I was your age i had the same problem, but if you just get yourself into something as a sport or some type of active to keep yourself busy. You will soon forget all about and won't be such a n... Read More »

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Help ive cut myself and i feel like cutting myself again how do i stop thinking about it?

try to keep yourself busy and try to stay around people. this can prevent you from doin it as often and also maybe you should talk to someone close like parents or a counselor

How can i stop cutting myself?

I used to cut too.One day my mum finds out. She didn't tell me to stop, but she also didn't not tell me to do it.I stop for about a week then start to do it again. Months go by. She finds out when ... Read More »

Why am I addicted to cutting myself And how do I stop?

please stop, this is the most important time. I know its into easy but you can there several ways of distraction. You can make a glitter jar and when the urge to cut comes around just shake it and... Read More »

How can i stop myself from snacking?

When you feel hungry dirink a glass of water. Most of the time we're dehydrated and confuse it for hunger. Wait about 15 minutes and if you're still hungry you're probably hungry. Also chewing gum ... Read More »