How do I stop my computer speakers from buzzing/having feedback?

Answer Test your stereo speakers by connecting them to the output jack of a stereo system like an mp3 player if it provides an external speaker jack output.for more info on this topic go to:http://www.eho... Read More »

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How can you get your computer to stop generating a high pitched humming noised made via your headphone or speaker jack coming out of speakers or headphones?

My computer speakers don't sound good. Are there any high quality speakers I can purchase, and where?

Labtec Pulse 385 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Other products by Labtec (4 customer reviews) More about this product --------------------------------------…List Price: $29.99 Price: $16.95 ... Read More »

Whats the difference between computer 5.1 surround speakers and home system speakers?

What is the difference between bicycle breaks and breaks on your car?Size.Computer speakers are self-contained and designed to surround 1 person at a desk with sound.Home theater gear is "room fill... Read More »

Can you make computer speakers from splicing speakers and a headphone plug?

No, splicing the cord wil ruin the jack and cabling. Not a good idea. Soory